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May 2, 2016
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NetSquared: Branding As a Non-Profit recap


Net2vic held an educational event at Fort Tectoria. Dan Dagg lead the main presentation about branding strategies.

Dan Dagg’s presentation was a comprehensive demystification of branding.

Branding is something we see all around us and as entrepreneurs we often fail at recognizing its importance.  We really don’t know much about what branding really is.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”.  Branding strategy is a way for us to shape what that conversation would look like.

There are many reasons you want to have a branding strategy. “Goodwill” when you’re selling the company, reputation, recognition. “Doing business becomes easier” as Dan puts it.

“A good brand is a second chance when you need it”. We need to work on our brand constantly so that, when we need it, are able to withdraw from the brand bank.

Good branding is about focusing on the why and what’s in it for your customers. This is a common theme in building a company. We all make the mistake of talking too much about ourselves, about how we do it, not why or what benefits the customer gets.

Fundamentally this stems from the human factor of not seeing things from another perspective. Walking in someone else’s shoes requires practice. Can you think of any exercises that help us cultivate our egoless perspective?

Overall I was highly impressed with the night. It was a focused presentation on a relevant to any business topic. I look forward to future events hosted by Net2vic herbal slimming tablets.

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